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The enhanced detail of plate tectonic processes provided by these new data did not, however, result in such a dramatic advance as would have been expected. Hot spots and mantle plumes were by then firmly established concepts in explaining the observed linear chains of volcanic islands and in providing a super-deep mantle frame of reference the hotspot reference frame that was independent of plate motions at the surface. Accumulating scientific evidence over half a decade and recent GPS-derived absolute plate motions suggest that both the mantle plume frame of reference and the age dependence along volcanic lineaments are not as strong as once believed. This article investigates the complex tectono-magmatic processes involved in the opening of the Central, Equatorial and South Atlantic Ocean and asks the simple question of whether there is an alternative tectonic model to explain the phenomena seen in the satellite gravity field. The case is made that hot spots or mantle plumes are not necessarily required to explain the volcanic lineaments and that most, if not all, features result from deformational processes during the evolution of the plates. Such a model has a range of implications which, hopefully, can be tested to further refine the model. To evaluate and develop the proposed model the resolution of the satellite gravity needs to be increased to about 10 km. The need for such resolution is illustrated in this study and will significantly improve our understanding of oceanic crust-forming processes, particularly the role of magmatism and intra-plate deformation, 2. Click on image for a larger version.

Geologic Tour of the Rio Grande Rift

It flows generally southward to Redwood Valley , then past Calpella , where it is bordered by U. Closely paralleled by U. It flows south past Cloverdale , Asti , and Geyserville. After it makes a series of sweeping bends, the Healdsburg Memorial Bridge carries Old Redwood Highway over the river just upstream of U. Route ‘s Healdsburg crossing.

Rio Grande Blankets: Late Nineteenth-Century Textiles in Transition [Kellen Kee McIntyre] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. New Copy. From the Foreword: The twenty-seven blankets reproduced and analyzed in this book were woven by Hispanic weavers in New Mexico from the mid-nineteenth century to about ¹ Because many of these weavers lived in the Rio Grande Valley.

Colcha embroidery is a traditional Spanish colonial style of textile, bed covering, or wall hanging dating from the early nineteenth century. In the first book to consider this craft, Suzanne MacAulay provides a detailed account of this folk art tradition that is both old and constantly renewing itself, presenting a sensitive portrayal of artists and the contexts in which they live and work.

Stitching Rites reveals how art, history, and memory interweave in a rich creative web. Based on archival research and on extensive interviews with artists, the book reveals the personal motivations of the embroiderers and their relationships with their work, with each other, with their community, and with outsiders. Through stitchers like Josephine Lobato and the San Luis Ladies Sewing Circle, MacAulay shows how colcha creation is bound up in a perpetual round of cultural commentary and self-reflection.

MacAulay includes detailed descriptions of changes in stitching techniques, themes, and styles to show the impact of a wide range of outside influences on the lives of the artists and on the art form.

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Frida has been an instant hit among Angelenos, since its opening in , and is celebrated for its exemplary hospitality, straightforward Mexican cuisine, and neighborly, approachable vibe. Vicente Del Rio was born and raised in Mexico City. The son of a businessman father and a homemaker mother, he developed a passion for food at an early age. What culture, other than Mexican, has influenced your flavors and recipes?

I love cooking with olive oil and cooking light.

The Rio Grande rift is a north-south trending zone of approximately east-west oriented extension that bisects the state of New Mexico. The extension is due to the Colorado Plateau pulling away from the High Plains, which causes the Earth’s crust to be stretched and thinned.

The ranch is in Conejos County, which is bigger than Rhode Island, with 8, residents and no stoplights. Sheep graze in the sunshine; potatoes and barley are grown here and trucked north to Denver. Three new marijuana dispensaries in the tiny town of Antonito lure New Mexicans across the nearby state line. While its eastern plains stretch across the agricultural San Luis Valley, its western third rises into the 1. Go missing out here and your fate relies, in no small part, on which of those nine counties you were in when you disappeared.

Neither was totally acclimatized to the altitude—the ranch sits just below 9, feet. Joe was a bit slower than his friend. He suffered from asthma as a three-year-old but had kicked it by age The workout would be routine:

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The West Fork flows eastward from the Continental Divide. Across the divide lies the Navajo River , one of the headwater tributaries of the Colorado River. The East Fork extends a few miles into Conejos County, Colorado to a source near one of the headwater tributaries of the Conejos River.

treasures, Hispanic flavor ★ ★ ★ ★ The lower Rio Grande Valley region kept its commercial ties to the south despite growing resource center offer bilingual exhibits and resource material dating from the Spanish era to the early 20th century. The complex also.

This process created a gap that was 40 mile wide, several miles deep, and flanked by fault block uplift mountain ranges to the east and volcanic features to the west. Over time a unique ecosystem with rich biodiversity derived from a variety of adjacent bioregions has evolved. Threatened Habitat Throughout most of its history, the Rio Grande Bosque has been a system of wetlands, oxbow lakes, sandbars, and woodlands that migrated with the wild and changing meander of the river.

Seasonal flooding cleared debris and enriched the soil. Cottonwoods along with Gooding and Coyote Willows germinated and thrived in the periodic floods and high water table. With the growing numbers of Anglo migrants in the valley came large-scale agriculture, irrigation systems, livestock grazing, and logging. These activities in turn created soil erosion, a large sediment load in the river, and increased flooding. To control flooding, a series of major interventions ensued.

The 20th century was marked by the construction of major dams including Elephant Butte in , Jemez Canyon in , Abiquiu in , Galisteo in , and Cochiti in along with hundreds of miles of irrigation canals. Additional engineering projects included the draining of wetlands, dredging and entrenching of the river, and the installation of jetty jacks. Today Today we find our Rio Grande Bosque in uncertain times.

Russian River (California)

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Morris spent last season in the G League with the Rio Grande Valley Vipers, averaging points, assists, and rebounds per game. He didn’t get much action in the league, appearing in.

This was one of the four cars on the first Wine Train that ran through the Napa Valley on September 16th, This car has an observation deck for guests to enjoy the beautiful Napa Valley weather. The Power Car ensures constant power supply for the Train, operating lights, air conditioning, fans, and the kitchen, even when the engines do their turnaround in St. It is believed to be the only power car in existence that passengers can enter and walk through while in operation.

It is aptly named after the strongest alcoholic beverage made from grapes. Champagne Vista Dome The Champagne Vista Dome is a two story rail car that was built in and was one of the first ten full dome cars constructed by Pullman Standard. It originally seated 68 people on the upper level and the lower level was a cafe that sat It weighed , pounds and has square feet of glass.

Today, the Champagne Vista Dome offers exclusive luxury dining upstairs and a state of the art kitchen downstairs. Today, this car is one of the two main dining cars for our Gourmet Express Dining Journey, with tables for four along both sides of the car. It has a mahogany passageway with windows that allows guests to come and view the chefs in action, preparing all of the meals fresh and to order on board.

It was purchased by the Napa Valley Wine Train in the late s from a private citizen.

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A 3D anaglyph by A. The River’s Decline and the Early Beautification Efforts By , numerous artesian wells had been drilled into the Edwards Aquifer around San Antonio and in the city began to rely on wells rather than acequias for its water supply. Flows in the River began to decline seriously.

At the time, the Ravens had snapped a game skid dating back to early September of , and it was a result that was well-received through Rio Grande’s campus and in the South Valley at large.

It includes properties in the eastern half of adjacent Wimpy, Second, Main, and Mirasoles streets, and their intersecting side streets, an area which comprised the main part of the downtown shopping district throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Rio Grande City has a long and colorful history dating from its 18th century origins as a Spanish land grant to its place in the Mexican and American Civil Wars and as a Calvary post through the first half of the 20th century.

Land grants on the lower Rio Grande Valley were long, narrow ribbons known as porciones. Porciones spanned the river cross-wise to give each property owner at least a modicum of river frontage. Although their property lay on both sides of the Rio Grande River, nearly all the landowners lived on the south side of the river, in present Mexico, and conducted only modest ranching operations on the north.

One of the principle reasons was that there were more established communities or villas with greater numbers of people to guard against American-Indian attacks on the south side of the river. American-Indian attacks on isolated ranching outposts on the north side of the river were relentless throughout the 18th and well into the 19th centuries. The north bank villas has been established by the Spanish colonizer, Jose de Escandon between A very old stone wall with two doorways in the block of E.

Henry Clay Davis was a young adventurer from Kentucky who came to the region in the s, and according to family sources Davis and his bride were asked to settle on the family ranch at carnestolendas, on the north side of the river. Shortly after he was married Davis built a 2-story house demolished and a few other buildings were constructed and the site became known as Davis Landing, Rancho Davis, or simply Davis. Many American men moved to the area and married the daughters of well to do Mexican families.

Russian River (California)

That stand contained a large number of tall trees that could be fashioned into construction beams, but it also had spiritual significance as part of a sacred landscape. After saying a prayer, he got to work. His stone ax was made of a river cobble that he had painstakingly shaped into an ax head and, with a bit of pine pitch, hafted to a wooden handle of bent willow branches and sinew.

History in Río Arriba County goes back ten thousand years or more in time when early man roamed the mountains and plains and followed the watercourses to hunt now-extinct animals.

Originally published in Ancient American magazine. It was a war owning many battles, and had an incredible loss of life. It probably spanned the geography of a number of present day states—commencing from the area that is the boundary line of the ancient Mississippi. Our archaeological record holds relatively limited data of this time period, much less this proposed event, and thus we are dependent to some extent on the invaluable resource of Native American transmission.

However, many pieces to the puzzle are now thought to be in place. The Archaic populace is not believed to have constructed mounds in the Ohio Valley region, although this is not known for certain due to several factors, including widespread destruction of the earthworks, without content cataloging, over the last years.

Most understanding is based upon the dating and trait-grouping of materials found in the diminished number of mounds and village sites yet existing after a formal discipline in archaeology and anthropology finally took over excavation and detailed record keeping. There are Archaic era mounded structures, often intricate and complex, in the deep southern U.

For this reason, theories have been put forth that the moundbuilding tradition came into the Ohio Valley around the time of the Adena from the southern Mississippi, thereby tentatively associating the Adena people with older cultures from the south. In one way of looking at this idea, it supposes that moundbuilding was a phenomenon peculiar to only one geographical source, necessarily having been passed on.

Generally the Adena had more massive bone structure, according to these same studies. The pre-eminent theory of Adena origin at the time was that their ancestry had come from Mexico or even further south. However, the Adena body bone structure type was unusually difficult to trace with surety south of the Rio Grande—where another distinguishing Adena-resonant trait was found practiced from earlier times.

Shaping was an addition to this already distinguished skull type.

Geologic Tour of the Rio Grande Rift

Natural hot springs entrance fee El Tatio Geysers El Tatio is a volcanic geyser field with over 90 active geyser-water pools, located at 4, m above sea level, in the heart of the Andes Mountains km from San Pedro, high in the Altiplano. The drive from San Pedro takes about three hours because the route is along narrow, unpaved, steep roads at altitude and for this reason departure from San Pedro is usually at The incredibly clear night sky, the natural phenomena of hot water from the ground boiling an egg and the opportunity to bathe in natural thermal springs is what coming to the geysers is all about.

People have fallen through the hard crust that surrounds the geysers and consequently been scalded. In some cases people have died.

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Construction began on this church in , considered today as the best surviving example of Spanish Baroque architecture in the U. Local building materials, especially adobe, and simplified Baroque-style features for churches and missions. In the American Southwest the Spanish colonists relied on single-story adobe structures with generally flat roofs and parapets, not much different from the Pueblo Indian tribes of the Rio Grande Valley. Mission churches were typically more elaborate with Baroque elements, but simpler and smaller the further one moved northward from Mexico.

Many towns and cities in the South and West still clearly reveal the street grid, central plaza, and local Spanish church of the original settlements. Spanish settlements and related architecture can be classified as three distinct types, or functions: Spanish mission churches — and simpler local community churches — generally included features derived from the Baroque period in Europe, particularly of the Spanish variety during the 17th and 18th centuries.

Baroque features could include rather elaborate facades with round arches, domes, and niches for statuary; prominent belfries or bell towers, curved parapets extending above the entryway, and typically symmetrical facades if twin bell towers. Residential buildings, sometimes called placitas courtyard houses , might be added to over a period of decades, with the intention of fully enclosing an interior courtyard.

Such courtyard houses were popular in the Mediterranean region at the time, the style dating back to the time of Christ. Many of them in the colonies never attained that growth, however, and so remain rectangular or L-shaped to this day. In whatever configuration, they were typically one story tall with flat roof and adobe construction. Vigas protruding wooden beams are usually visible extending out from the roofline, and any portales porches would be supported with thick wooden columns and zapata capitals carved, wooden capitals atop the columns.

Mission San Xavier del Bac.

Russian River (California)

It probably refers to the basin-shaped contour of the valley Cuba sits in. Cuba was originally name Laguna. The earliest settlers were attracted to a profusion of small lakes and swamps that once covered what is now downtown Cuba.

Evidence of Violent Conflict in Males from Pot Creek Pueblo Catrina B. Whitley comparisons of the trauma patterns to rock art dating to the period suggests the type of weapon depicted may have been utilized to inflict the trauma to the skulls. occupation in the Northern Rio Grande. The valley is.

This large Puye cliff-dwellings, typical of this era, is dated at around A. This advanced culture practiced agriculture, excelled in weaving and pottery, constructed elaborate dwelling structures and had developed a meaningful religion. Until the arrival of the Spanish Europeans, migrant arrivals on the Southwestern scene periodically harassed the northern pueblos, chiefly the Navajos and Apaches. The first European to arrive in what is now New Mexico was Cabeza de Baca who was shipwrecked on the Gulf of Mexico in and spent the next eight years wandering across the new land and crossing the southern part of the present state before arriving in Mexico in He assembled troops numbering four hundred men, of whom brought their families, equipment and livestock with them.

Searching for the best situated land, and meeting no opposition from the native Indians, they reached Barrios-Nuevo’s pueblos of Yuque-Yunque the same summer.

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