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E-bill On November 14th, Lars Bergren not verified says: I signed up for E-bill a while back and so far it has been a joke. Every month when I go to use it to see what my payment is, my password is no longer valid. Even after I apply for a new password and eventually get to check my account, the amount has not been adjusted to show the last month’s payment. I have tried calling and the Sasktel website and cannot even find out where to get help. The phone call runs you through all kinds of different options and none of them pertain to this type of problem, and the web site does not even have an option to request help.

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Listen Ryan Blair, manager of operations and maintenance for SaskPower in Regina is giving residents a heads up on what to expect when it comes to ground shifting this summer after one of the driest years on record, according to Environment Canada. SaskPower expanding commercial smart meter pilot program SaskPower said they have seen six to eight inches of ground movement so far this year in some homes and even more in others.

Blair said most of the older underground services like this are in areas like Uplands, Albert Park, Glencairn and some parts of the northwest. In order to really see an impact, SaskPower is calling for more moisture and said what tends to happen underground when the clay settles, is something they described as a jack effect. Previously-inspected SaskPower meter catches fire This year, SaskPower is focusing on adding what they call an expansion box on some houses, which Blair described as boxes about two feet that are designed to sit below your existing meter box.

What the expansion box will do it allow for up to an extra meter of wire that will go inside, enabling the ground settling to only take place inside the expansion box and not the meter box above it as the smaller meter boxes have zero room for any type of ground settling.

SaskPower’s net income in was $ million, which is up from $56 million the year prior. Low natural gas prices, increased power use, a growing population and a rate increase were all.

Currently, just under 25 per cent of the provinces 4, megawatts MW comes from renewables. Hydroelectricity generates the majority at MW, wind power MW. By , the Crown corporation estimates power capacity in Saskatchewan will be 7, MW, meaning the goal is to have 3, MW comes from renewables. The province says 15 applications qualified for the wind RFP. A decision on the successful candidate will be announced in the near future. Opseth says Saskatchewan will still need baseload power generated through conventional means like natural gas.

For this reason, Opseth says SaskPower likely will not be generating power at full renewable capacity by SaskPower has confirmed their modelling team projects real generation to be at 45 per cent by They remain confident capacity, the primary measure for modelling, will reach 50 per cent by While SaskPower believes 50 per cent capacity is achievable, it is not their main goal.

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December 5, So, the house was on the foundation and the movers had gone- what now? Well, in our minds we had a timeline, dictated by the quick approach of winter. We wanted to have the house livable, or at least closed up and heated before the snow started to fly. Sure, at the time it was still only July, but there was a lot of work we had to do, like: But we also had to finalize the scope of that work.

hours a day, you may listen to up-to-date restoration information and report a power outage, electrical hazard or damage to NS Power equipment. View real-time power outages and estimated restoration times.

Mechanical foreman Mark Crooks was asked to initiate and implement a lubrication program and improve on anything that was already in place. He knows that once these ideas become common practice and the routines become a habit, everything will start to flow more smoothly. How did you get your start in machinery lubrication? I started my career with SaskPower in as a dragline oiler.

At the time, the company ran draglines with foot booms and yard buckets. I graduated to dragline operator and held the position for five years. I then moved to a coal-fired power plant in Saskatchewan and worked as a coal handler until I was appointed to an apprentice millwright position. I worked as a journeyman millwright and then as a mechanical foreman.

This included working with and supervising welders, machinists and millwrights, as well as various contractors. I have been in the oil analysis business for three years. What types of training have you taken to get to your current position? As a dragline oiler and operator, I took a basic lubrication principles course. As a journeyman millwright, I completed an introduction to vibration technology course as well as a reliability-centered maintenance program.

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Originally Posted by SASKFTW I hope you Alberta forumers don’t mind me posting these Saskatchewan articles in the Alberta forum, it is obvious the issue of nuclear power generation is of importance to both of our provinces. From initial reports, I’m quite comfortable with a nuclear plant going near Lake Diefenbaker, although further study and discussion of the ecological impacts are necessary before more detailed conceptual plans are pursued.

No nuclear reactor plans at Lake Diefenbaker set in stone: The denial came on the day a SaskPower report surfaced naming a site near Elbow as the preferred location. Party Energy and Resources Minister Bill Boyd said in Calgary Tuesday the government would welcome development from the private-sector nuclear company, Bruce Power LP, which has recently expressed interest in Saskatchewan.

SaskPower service and associated electrical costs to a maximum rebate of $20, per approved project. Ineligible Items. Power service installation, hook-up, electrical wiring, generators, electrical panels, breakers, electrical connectors and other electrical devices or hardware. Taxes, financing fees, interest or legal fees.

Prehistory[ edit ] About 19 kilometres north-west of Willow Bunch is one of Saskatchewan’s biggest archaeological mysteries. Victors Petroglyph site is a provincial park that is host to over rock carvings. Victors Petroglyph Provincial Park. The petroglyphs are dominated by images of the plains grizzly bear, [6] but there are also carvings of footprints of other animals such as bison, elk, deer, birds and pictures of human figures. These fossils date to before the time of the Ice Age Pleistocene Epoch.

The bone and teeth remains of woolly rhinoceros and three-toed horses are just some examples of prehistoric life in the area. Mammoth remains have been found as close as two hours away in Mortlach, Saskatchewan. People of the area would have gone through three “cultural periods” common for the area: The middle years are from 8, , years ago, which also brought a warmer climate.

The major change between the early years and middle years for this was size, with projectile points becoming smaller, with side-notches on the point.

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Monday in North Battleford, council unanimously passed a lengthy resolution that asks the government of Saskatchewan to uphold the terms of their payment in lieu contracts, and to consider additional means of recovering payments in lieu, including a possible legal action. What had Puffalt particularly upset was that he felt the province had no right to the money. That is collected by SaskPower and SaskEnergy and remitted back to the City in an agreement that goes back to That charge will still be on your bills, but Bater says it will now be the Province, not the City, getting the money.

The initial thought was that the impact to cities would be much smaller.

The following clauses have been amended, noted, explained or added and is a supplement to the B Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code.

I have a neighbor who is encroaching on my property. I have had the land surveyed and he pulled up one of the posts although he denies it. He has been throwing wood for his fire pit on the land and hung a hammock up in a tree on my property. I have spoken to him and he says he’ll move it when he is ‘good and ready. I received a letter from a lawyer of a property owner stating I am encroaching on his property behind my house what it looks like from the enclosed map 20 ft onto his property with my fence and shed.

I have been living here for 20 years and bought the house with the shed and fence in the location its in now. The lawyer wants me to sign this legal letter stating I acknowledge Our family has a pending civil lawsuit regarding some land that we have been paying taxes on for over 50 years. The family adjacent to us is stating that the land is overlapping and that the land belongs to them.

Willow Bunch, Saskatchewan

We believe that our business strategies, along with our competitive and financial strengths, are key elements in differentiating us from our competition and position us to capitalize on future capital spending by our customers. We offer comprehensive and diverse solutions on a broad geographic scale and have a solid base of long-standing customer relationships in each of the industries we serve.

We also have an experienced management team, both at the executive level and within our operating units, and various proprietary technologies that enhance our service offerings. Our strategies of expanding the portfolio of services we provide to our existing and potential customer base, increasing our geographic and technological capabilities, promoting best practices and cross-selling our services to our customers, as well as continuing to maintain our financial strength, place us in the position to capitalize on opportunities and trends in the industries we serve and to expand our operations globally.

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The company issued a formal notice to proceed in July and engineering design is underway. The plant will be built on a greenfield site in a rural area near Swift Current, Saskatchewan. Pending environmental approval, construction is expected to begin as early as late , with the plant being commissioned and in service in late The combined-cycle facility will feature a Siemens F-Class gas turbine, a heat recovery steam generator HRSG and a Siemens steam turbine to boost power output and maximize energy efficiency while reducing the overall emissions footprint.

The highly efficient combined-cycle operation will use exhaust heat that would otherwise be lost in a simple-cycle configuration. The hot exhaust from the initial cycle is captured to boil water into steam in the HRSG and spin an additional second generator to produce more power. Combined-cycle technology is widely acknowledged for its fuel efficiency and low emissions footprint. The combined-cycle unit will also significantly reduce water use thanks to a plant design that will incorporate advanced air cooling.

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