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That best describes the AMC Marlin. There certainly was nothing else like it on the road when it debuted in How did the Marlin come to be? How did the design concept begin? Viewing the Marlin in retrospect, we can see that it has proven to be one of the most popular of all collectible AMCs. Their average age hovered around 35, and they were excited about developing a car more suited to younger tastes.

1964 Rambler Classic 660

I set out to test the validity of the claims on YETI Coolers website about this supposed best insulated tumbler of all time. The reviews from their very own website were outlandish! Check this… I bought the Yeti Rambler Two weeks ago from my local outfitters store. Honestly, it is just the best mug, cup, drink carrier out there.

A light green Rambler station wagon was coming slowly west on Elm Street. The driver of the station wagon was a husky looking Latin, with dark wavy hair, wearing a tan windbreaker type jacket. The driver of the station wagon was a husky looking Latin, with dark wavy hair, wearing a .

This article is reprinted from the October issue of Collectible Automobile. By the time the redesigned Rambler American went on sale, the model had become an important product for American Motors. Lacking the funds to develop an all-new car, American Motors took the unusual step of resurrecting the inch-wheelbase Nash Rambler that had gone out of production in At first, only a modestly updated two-door sedan was available.

Still, the American sold well, body styles and trim levels were added, and it was reskinned for The first truly new American was the model. It was a larger, roomier car built on a inch wheelbase. The smooth styling was handled by Richard Teague.

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John Hargrove of Ft. Worth, Texas bought the car new! I love the profile of this car, especially with all the windows down!

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But somewhere along the line, the novelty of having a Chevelle — and several other muscle car fixtures of the period — lost its appeal. At one time I had a Chevelle Super Sport that was totally restored. It turns out the car was only about 20 miles from my house, and it was in storage. I just bought it right on the spot. Only 1, of the memorable muscle machines were built, and there are probably only about or so that survive today. I had Chevelles and I have a friend with a Chevelle and I just walked away from him, but then again my car weighs about half what his car weighs.

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Advertising for non-members and renewal of members ads is possible for a slight fee. If the car is incomplete or not running, option 1 is your only choice. To pay for your ad select a option below, then email ad text and photos to Brian Yacino. Spent its life 2 miles from Disneyland, which is a very dry neighborhood.

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Saturday, December 18, Vintage car dealership photos from the s, ’60s, and ’70s. The mother lode I’m a real sucker for old car pictures. And nothing captures the feel of old cars more than the places they were sold. I mean, look at the top of this page–the whole blog starts with a picture of my granddad’s used car lot from the s.

When you look back at old car dealership photos, you’re not just looking at a few cars parked around a building. You’re looking at someone’s hopes and dreams.

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The seller says that this car is being relisted because of a non-paying bidder. Having been shafted on at least two, if not three, online car purchases in the last month, I know his frustration with the system. Just think what a great world it would be if everyone just told the truth, plain and simple. The car looks solid but there is no mention of rust and there are no underside photos, no trunk photos, etc. The original tank is still there, or it comes with it, but obviously it must be rusty or plugged or who knows why they did that.

Be prepared for some fuel system work on this car.

Rust-Free Classic: Rambler Classic Scotty Gilbertson. Sometimes a vehicle just speaks to a person and sometimes it’s just a vehicle. This Rambler Classic is speaking to me right now and it’s saying, “Buy me, Scotty G!” and an underside pic. And, is that a can of cat food on the floor in the photo above? This car.

This was to be a project car The front clip was removed and the minor rust was removed and it was primered Every piece of trim is accounted for You can see by the photos that most of the minor rust is located where trims were installed Real nice fixer upper! Check out the shine on the roof The trim was removed, wrapped, marked and saved, as well as the hubcaps The photos are recent The car runs, drives and shifts It only has 67, miles on her Everything is original except someone put in a different radio, and speakers in the doors For the model year, the Rambler Classic line was completely redesigned with subtle body sculpturing.

Outgoing design director, Edmund E.

Pacific Northwest Region

Nash Motors cars, to partly based on an article by Curtis Redgap Also see: He built telescopes and patent models, then created a new bicycle with a cheap, strong frame made by brazing flared tubing. In , Jeffery created his first Rambler automobile, then sold his share of the bicycle plant, bought an empty facility in Kenosha, and built his single-cylinder car there. Rambler cars quickly gained a solid reputation, and in , Rambler was the second largest automaker in the United States.

In , he launched a two-cylinder; in , a four.

Lacking the funds to develop an all-new car, American Motors took the unusual step of resurrecting the inch-wheelbase Nash Rambler that had gone out of production in At first, only a modestly updated two-door sedan was available.

All had a four-door sedan and cross-country wagon. The Super Line had an additional bodystyle, the country club hardtop. The wheelbase size measured inches and had a length of For , the Rambler Six was given new front and rear fenders with quad headlights on the Super and Custom line. The Super Line had single headlights with the dual headlights offered as optional equipment. The Super Line had Super nameplates on the front fenders and full-length bodyside moldings. The Deluxe models were identified by their simplicity, having no nameplates or side moldings.

The Custom Models had Custom nameplates on the rear deck or tailgate, dual sidespear moldings on both the doors and front fenders, and single molding on the rear fenders. In total, there were , examples of the Rambler Six produced.

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Tim Harper is doing the restoration. Engine and transmission are out. The cowl where the heater box mounts under the dash, was completely rusted away. Heater core and valve are shot. Nothing we really didn’t expect. Surprisingly, where we thought there would be rust, under the fenders, it was solid.

The typically very mundane Rambler Rogue was their car of choice. With the help of Hurst performance they created a car that could blow the doors off some pedigreed muscle cars. At the time there wasn’t much budget for AMC to promote.

Following the installation of a Chevy V6 and late-model drivetrain, Jack traveled to some of the Gasser events in the Midwest and ultimately caught the Gasser bug after attending the famed Meltdown Drags at Byron Dragway. The project rebuild was a little slow- going at first. Jack lost his father while the project got underway and then he also had to undergo knee surgery early in the process.

My father quit drag racing and was into restoring cars like this. When he found out I was taking a rust-free Rambler and cutting it up for a Gasser build, he was not pleased. My best friend, Larry Jordan was also a huge supporter when I was struggling in the shop after my knee surgery. He also built the all-aluminum interior panels. The body is original American Motors steel other than the fiberglass hood and Lexan windows.

He used a 3. A Powerglide transmission built by Jack pairs with a 9-inch torque converter and an SFI transmission shield. In the rear, a 9-inch Ford rear-end sports a ladder-bar suspension, Moser Engineering aftermarket spool and axles, and a 5: Braking hardware is OEM-style Ford disc brake hardware on both front and rear. The best performance for the AMC Gasser to date is

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